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Associate Director, Prevention Research Unit, Drug and Poison Information Center

Manager, Education and Prevention, Drug and Poison Information Center

Adjunct Instructor, College of Evening and Continuing Education



About Me


Marsha A. Polk, HPT, an Ohio certified prevention specialist, is associate director of the Drug and Poison Information Center and manager of DPIC Education and Outreach. Ms. Polk has over 30 years of experience in the area of health, wellness and prevention. Ms. Polk's dedication to the needs of high-risk youth prompted her to develop, obtain funding, and implement specialized programs, to address the needs of various populations at risk. Examples of such programs include: poison prevention and substance abuse prevention training to children in Head Start programs; life-skills training for preschoolers and their families; drug education and awareness programs for high-risk African American families; tobacco prevention and intervention programs, child passenger safety projects, and primary and elementary school based substance abuse prevention programs for high/at risk populations. Ms. Polk has implemented (from concept development, scripting and pre-production to the finished product) communications messages targeted at high-risk families and underserved populations. Ms. Polk has also piloted the use of a mobile van to deliver prevention services. Ms. Polk has presented prevention/information/training sessions to professionals across the nation and she is renowned and respected for her expertise in the field. Under Ms. Polk’s direction the following benchmarks have been met:

Maintaining African American Traditions (MAAT) Mentoring Program selected for training by the Center for Applied Prevention Technology (CAPT). One of only 20 programs in the State of Ohio recognized as an Exemplary Prevention Program.

People of Color Wellness Alliance (POCWA), awarded highest honor bestowed by the State of Ohio-Commendation from the Ohio State Senate and national commendation from the United States Congress. 

Expanded training program for education staff to include Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Incident Management Systems (NIMS), and Department of Homeland Security certification.

Academic Affiliation

Adjunct Instructor, College of Evening and Continuing Education

Clinical Divisions

Drug Poison Center

My Education

HPT: Hospital Pharmacy Technology, University of Cincinnati, 1978.

Certification: Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist, 1990.

Certification: International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium, 1990.

Certification: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and National Incident Management Systems (NIMS).

Certification: Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Readiness; Department of Homeland Security; Disaster Communication Specialist.