Mihaela Pavlicev, PhD

Academic Affiliations

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

The structure of genotype-phenotype map; evolutionary history of female reproductive biology

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Dr. Pavlicev received a PhD in ecology from the University of Vienna in 2003. After PhD she trained in molecular phylogenetics at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, primarily working on phylogenetics of lizards and birds. During subsequent postdoctoral training in quantitative genetics, she worked on the structure and evolution of the genotype-to-phenotype map, first at Washington University in St. Louis, and later at the Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis at the University of Oslo, Norway. She subsequently spent a year at Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition in Altenberg near Vienna and combined writing with teaching at the Department of Theoretical Biology, University of Vienna. She joined faculty at Cincinnati Children’s in the summer of 2013.

Dr. Pavlicev`s work focuses on understanding the patterns of phenotypic variation and its underlying genetics in the context of past evolution (see Publications). These approaches have fairly recently become used to understand human detrimental variation, i.e., disease, in a field commonly referred to as evolutionary medicine. Dr. Pavlicev`s lab focuses on the evolution of female reproduction and specifically pregnancy, in order to address the causes for the prevalence of premature births in human population.

PhD: University of Vienna, Austria, 2003.

Postdoc: Washington University St. Louis (with Jim Cheverud), University of Oslo (with Thomas Hansen).

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