A photo of Kelsey Saddoris.

Kelsey L. Saddoris, MD

  • Resident, Triple Board Residency Program



I am a resident in Cincinnati Children’s Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Triple Board) Residency Program. My training in both pediatrics and psychiatry enables me to offer a holistic approach to care.

Using this comprehensive, holistic care model, I talk to patients during every visit about physical and mental health as well as any significant social stressors — whether they’re being seen for a well-visit or are concerned about an issue, such as depression or belly pain. I do this because I recognize that an inability to access healthy foods or safe places to play affects a child's physical and mental health, just as depression can cause a myriad of physical problems and affect a child's ability to succeed in school.

Before deciding to become a physician, I had my heart set on becoming a teacher. I taught dance throughout high school and college, and I loved working with children and seeing them learn and grow throughout the year. When I decided to pursue medicine, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to continue working with children and their families.

I enjoy spending my free time gardening, cooking food from the garden and hiking with my German shepherd, Jax.