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Clinical Director, Pediatric Lung Transplant Program

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Board Certified

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Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Pulmonary Medicine, Lung Transplant, Heart, Fontan Management, Pulmonary Medicine

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My Education

MD: University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX, 2000.

Residency: University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX, 2003.

Fellowship: University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX, 2006.

Certifications: Pediatrics, 2003; Pediatric Pulmonary, 2006.

My Publications

Absence of evidence that respiratory viral infections influence pediatric lung transplantation outcomes: Results of the CTOTC-03 study. Sweet, SC; Chin, H; Conrad, C; Hayes, D; Heeger, PS; Faro, A; Goldfarb, S; Melicoff-Portillo, E; Mohanakumar, T; Odim, J; et al. American Journal of Transplantation. 2019; 19:3284-3298.

Perceived barriers to medication adherence remain stable following solid organ transplantation. Danziger-Isakov, L; Frazier, TW; Worley, S; Williams, N; Shellmer, D; Dharnidharka, VR; Gupta, NA; Ikle, D; Shemesh, E; Sweet, SC; et al. Pediatric Transplantation. 2019; 23.

Sequence of refusals for donor quality, organ utilization, and survival after lung transplantation. Singh, E; Schecter, M; Towe, C; Rizwan, R; III, RB; Tweddell, J; Hossain, MM; Morales, D; Zafar, F. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. 2019; 38:35-42.

Anellovirus loads are associated with outcomes in pediatric lung transplantation. Blatter, JA; Sweet, SC; Conrad, C; Danziger-Isakov, LA; Faro, A; Goldfarb, SB; Jr, HD; Melicoff, E; Schecter, M; Storch, G; et al. Pediatric Transplantation. 2018; 22:e13069-e13069.

Risk and outcomes of pulmonary fungal infection after pediatric lung transplantation. Ammerman, E; Sweet, SC; Fenchel, M; Storch, GA; Conrad, C; Jr, HD; Faro, A; Goldfarb, S; Melicoff, E; Schecter, M; et al. Clinical Transplantation. 2017; 31.

Epstein-Barr viral loads do not predict post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder in pediatric lung transplant recipients: A multicenter prospective cohort study. Parrish, A; Fenchel, M; Storch, GA; Buller, R; Mason, S; Williams, N; Ikle, D; Conrad, C; Faro, A; Goldfarb, S; et al. Pediatric Transplantation. 2017; 21:e13011-e13011.

Pediatric lung transplantation. III, BR; Morales, D; Schecter, M. . : ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC; ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC; 2017.

Lung Transplantation for FLNA-Associated Progressive Lung Disease. Burrage, LC; Guillerman, RP; Das, S; Singh, S; Schady, DA; Morris, SA; Walkiewicz, M; Schecter, MG; Heinle, JS; Lotze, TE; et al. The Journal of Pediatrics. 2017; 186:118-123.e6.

Changing demographics and outcomes of lung transplantation recipients with cystic fibrosis. Kimura, N; Khan, MS; Schecter, M; Rizwan, R; III, BR; Wells, E; Towe, C; Zafar, F; Morales, DL S. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. 2016; 35:1237-1244.

Survival in pediatric lung transplantation: The effect of center volume and expertise. Khan, MS; Zhang, W; Taylor, RA; McKenzie, ED; Mallory, GB; Schecter, MG; Morales, DL S; Heinle, JS; Adachi, I. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. 2015; 34:1073-1081.