A photo of Pranavkumar Shivakumar.

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Biography & Affiliation

Research Interests

Dissecting molecular mechanisms and pathways involved in the pathogenesis of biliary atresia

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics




PhD: University of Bombay, Bombay, India, 2002.

MPharm: University of Bombay, Bombay, India, 1997.


Selected Publication

Paracrine signals regulate human liver organoid maturation from induced pluripotent stem cells. Asai, A; Aihara, E; Watson, C; Mourya, R; Mizuochi, T; Shivakumar, P; Phelan, K; Mayhew, C; Helmrath, M; Takebe, T; et al. Development (Cambridge). 2017; 144:1056-1064.

Preferential TNF alpha signaling via TNFR2 regulates epithelial injury and duct obstruction in experimental biliary atresia. Shivakumar, P; Mizuochi, T; Mourya, R; Gutta, S; Yang, L; Luo, Z; Bezerra, JA. JCI insight. 2017; 2.

Gene Expression Signatures Associated With Survival Times of Pediatric Patients With Biliary Atresia Identify Potential Therapeutic Agents. Luo, Z; Shivakumar, P; Mourya, R; Gutta, S; Bezerra, JA. Gastroenterology. 2019; 157:1138-1152.e14.

Visualizing structures in confocal microscopy datasets through clusterization: A case study on bile ducts. Beltran, LA C; Cruz, CU; dos Santos, JL; Shivakumar, P; Bezerra, J; Freitas, CM D S; IEEE, . (2019) IEEE. 2019-June:405-410.

Single cell RNA sequencing reveals regional heterogeneity of hepatobiliary innate lymphoid cells in a tissue-enriched fashion. Peters, AL; Luo, Z; Li, J; Mourya, R; Wang, Y; Dexheimer, P; Shivakumar, P; Aronow, B; Bezerra, JA. PLoS ONE. 2019; 14:e0215481-e0215481.

Regulation of epithelial injury and bile duct obstruction by NLRP3, IL-1R1 in experimental biliary atresia. Yang, L; Mizuochi, T; Shivakumar, P; Mourya, R; Luo, Z; Gutta, S; Bezerra, JA. Journal of Hepatology. 2018; 69:1136-1144.

A Novel Pkhd1 Mutation Interacts with the Nonobese Diabetic Genetic Background To Cause Autoimmune Cholangitis. Huang, W; Rainbow, DB; Wu, Y; Adams, D; Shivakumar, P; Kottyan, L; Karns, R; Aronow, B; Bezerra, J; Gershwin, ME; et al. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 2018; 200:147-162.

Large-scale proteomics identifies MMP-7 as a sentinel of epithelial injury and of biliary atresia. Lertudomphonwanit, C; Mourya, R; Fei, L; Zhang, Y; Gutta, S; Yang, L; Bove, KE; Shivakumar, P; Bezerra, JA. Science Translational Medicine. 2017; 9:eaan8462-eaan8462.

Cxcr2 signaling and the microbiome suppress inflammation, bile duct injury, and the phenotype of experimental biliary atresia. Jee, J; Mourya, R; Shivakumar, P; Fei, L; Wagner, M; Bezerra, JA. PLoS ONE. 2017; 12:e0182089-e0182089.

Hepatic Natural Killer T-Cell and CD8+ T-Cell Signatures in Mice with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis. Bhattacharjee, J; Kirby, M; Softic, S; Miles, L; Salazar-Gonzalez, R; Shivakumar, P; Kohli, R. Hepatology Communications. 2017; 1:299-310.