Rachel M. Sheridan, MD

  • Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


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Focal liver lesions following Fontan palliation of single ventricle physiology: A radiology-pathology case series. Engelhardt, EM; Trout, AT; Sheridan, RM; Veldtman, GR; Dillman, JR. Congenital Heart Disease. 2019; 14:380-388.

Pan-Trk Immunohistochemistry Identifies NTRK Rearrangements in Pediatric Mesenchymal Tumors. Rudzinski, ER; Lockwood, CM; Stohr, BA; Vargas, SO; Sheridan, R; Black, JO; Rajaram, V; Laetsch, TW; Davis, JL. American Journal of Surgical Pathology. 2018; 42:927-935.

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Peroxisomal β-oxidation regulates whole body metabolism, inflammatory vigor, and pathogenesis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Moreno-Fernandez, ME; Giles, DA; Stankiewicz, TE; Sheridan, R; Karns, R; Cappelletti, M; Lampe, K; Mukherjee, R; Sina, C; Sallese, A; et al. JCI insight. 2018; 3.

Hepatic Hilar Lymph Node Reactivity at Kasai Portoenterostomy for Biliary Atresia: Correlations With Age, Outcome, and Histology of Proximal Biliary Remnant. Bove, KE; Sheridan, R; Fei, L; Anders, R; Chung, CT; Cummings, OW; Finegold, MJ; Finn, L; Ranganathan, S; Kim, G; et al. Pediatric and Developmental Pathology. 2018; 21:29-40.

3D printed pathological sectioning boxes to facilitate radiological-pathological correlation in hepatectomy cases. Trout, AT; Batie, MR; Gupta, A; Sheridan, RM; Tiao, GM; Towbin, AJ. Molecular pathology : MP. 2017; 70:984-987.

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FXR-Gankyrin axis is involved in development of pediatric liver cancer. Valanejad, L; Lewis, K; Wright, M; Jiang, Y; D'Souza, A; Karns, R; Sheridan, R; Gupta, A; Bove, K; Witte, D; et al. Carcinogenesis. 2017; 38:738-747.

Thermoneutral housing exacerbates nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in mice and allows for sex-independent disease modeling. Giles, DA; Moreno-Fernandez, ME; Stankiewicz, TE; Graspeuntner, S; Cappelletti, M; Wu, D; Mukherjee, R; Chan, CC; Lawson, MJ; Klarquist, J; et al. Nature Medicine. 2017; 23:829-838.

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