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Clinical Fellow, Division of Hospital Medicine


Board Certified

About Me


My research focuses on improving our ability to provide safe care to pediatric patients in the inpatient setting. One area of focus includes using situation awareness and clinical deterioration prediction tools to predict, prevent and respond to signs of clinical deterioration in the inpatient setting. I have led a committee to update and adopt a "Situation Awareness Model" for the early detection and prevention of clinical deterioration.

I am also interested in reducing preventable harm from high-risk medications and medical devices, which some patients rely upon when being admitted to the hospital. I directed a quality improvement project to boost the institutional situation awareness system for patients who receive high-risk treatments. Furthermore, I have grant funding through an APA Young Investigator Award to study adverse medical device events in children with medical complexity and to build a novel method for detecting and learning from these adverse events.

As a pediatric hospital medicine fellow, I’m pursuing a Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Research from the University of Cincinnati and I am a Quality Scholar in the James M. Anderson Center for Health System Excellence.

Along with my research focus on patient safety, I have always been passionate about the clinical care of hospitalized children with a wide variety of clinical conditions. I truly enjoy working with families to improve the health of their children and maximize their time out of the hospital and at home.

When I was a pediatric resident physician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, I received The Shah Family Award in recognition of excellence and outstanding contributions to Hospital Medicine. I was also honored with the Emergency Medicine Award for academic excellence and outstanding contributions to Emergency Medicine. I received both awards when graduating from residency in 2017.

Clinical Divisions

Hospital Medicine

My Education

BS: State University of New York College at Geneseo, Geneseo, NY, 2010.

MD: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, NY, 2014.

Residency: Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 2017.

Chief Residency: Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 2018.

My Publications

Comparing Two Proximal Measures of Unrecognized Clinical Deterioration in Children. Sosa, T; Ferris, S; Frese, C; Hacker, D; Dewan, M; Brady, PW. Journal of hospital medicine (Online). 2020; 15:673-676.

The Effects of Care Team Roles on Situation Awareness in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: A Prospective Cross-Sectional Study. Soberano, BT; Brady, P; Yunger, T; Jones, R; Stoneman, E; Sosa, T; Stalets, EL; Zackoff, M; Chima, R; Tegtmeyer, K; et al. Journal of hospital medicine (Online). 2020; 15:594-597.

Time series evaluation of improvement interventions to reduce alarm notifications in a paediatric hospital. Pater, CM; Sosa, TK; Boyer, J; Cable, R; Egan, M; Knilans, TK; Schondelmeyer, AC; Schuler, CL; Madsen, NL. BMJ Quality and Safety. 2020; 29:717-726.

Back to the basics or back to the future? The art and science of predicting clinical deterioration in hospitalized children. Sosa, TK; Dewan, M; Tegtmeyer, K. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 2020; 21:839-841.

Emergency Transfers: An Important Predictor of Adverse Outcomes in Hospitalized Children. Hussain, FS; Sosa, T; Ambroggio, L; Gallagher, R; Brady, PW. Journal of hospital medicine (Online). 2019; 14:482-485.

Apnea Threshold in Pediatric Brain Death: A Case with Variable Results Across Serial Examinations. Sosa, T; Berrens, Z; Conway, S; Stalets, EL. Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care. 2019; 8:108-5.

Diagnosis and Management of Kawasaki Disease. Sosa, T; Brower, L; Divanovic, A. JAMA Pediatrics. 2019; 173:278-279.