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Nurse Practitioner, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


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The slogan “the toughest job you will ever love” enticed me to join the Peace Corps after completing my undergraduate studies. A decade later, I discovered that it is also an appropriate description of the nursing profession. Nursing is a dynamic, vigilant and fluid practice that has allowed me to engage every aspect of my being.

I have worked in various clinical settings as a registered nurse and as an advanced practice registered nurse. Before joining Cincinnati Children’s as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, I worked as a family nurse practitioner in the correctional system, the public-school system, conducting home visits and in a community health center.

I gravitated towards working with children simply because it’s way more fun! I admire the authenticity, creativity and resiliency of children and enjoy working as a vehicle of hope and healing in their developmental journey. I’m thrilled to be serving the children and adolescents of my community as an advocate for mental health in my role as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

As a patient, I have never responded well to a patriarchal system of medicine where the “provider knows best.” As a provider, I strive to meet people where they are, which typically equates to listening and attending to the needs, values and preferences of my patients and family members. I engage my patients and their families in dialogue and a collaborative decision-making process when determining treatment options.

My professional and volunteer commitments demonstrate my ability and interest in community outreach and collaboration to promote healthy families, schools and communities. I have served my community and country in the U.S. Peace Corps and the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps.

When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, traveling, skiing, cycling, CrossFit, spinning vinyls, and savoring sunrises and sunsets on my porch with my family.

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