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Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Division of Pulmonary Medicine

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Transitional Care Center


Board Certified

About Me


I have always been good with children and enjoyed being around them. When I was a bedside nurse, a nurse practitioner took the time to explain a patient’s diagnosis to me. The patience and the level of knowledge that emanated from her inspired me to become a nurse practitioner.

The team-oriented atmosphere has kept me in the Transitional Care Center (TCC) with pulmonary medicine. The autonomy of the nurse practitioners and their collaboration with the team of RNs, respiratory therapists, social workers and discharge coordinators is unique and exemplary.

As a nurse practitioner in the Division of Pulmonary Medicine, I specialize in the care of mechanically ventilated patients. My philosophy of care is to treat patients as if they were my child or my extended family. I treat the patients’ families with the care and concern I would want for my own family members.

I also consider the whole person, not just the pulmonary aspect of my patient, to provide them with the best care that will facilitate a successful discharge. I provide family-centered, culturally competent care. Empowering parents as advocates and knowledgeable caregivers gives them the key to navigating the medical system successfully.

In my free time, I like hiking with my boys, jogging or being with my friends and family on Zoom. I love exploring other cultures through food, language and travel. I celebrate my own culture, by dancing salsa and bachata with my family and friends.

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Clinical Divisions

Pulmonary Medicine

My Education

Graduate: Rutgers University, 2005.

Acute Care PNP Masters of Nursing: University of Cincinnati, 2012.