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Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


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Statistical methodology research focuses on survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, machine learning, meta-analysis and study designs. My applied research interests include the study of cancer, radiology, transmittable disease, heart diseases, environmental health and health behavior.

My colleagues and I want to answer specific research questions by performing advanced statistical methodology to find the unknown risk features of fatal diseases and chronic conditions.

We have uncovered several notable discoveries in our lab, such as refractory hypertension not being categorized by excess aldosteronism or larger fluid retention related to controlled resistance hypertension (RHTN). If confirmed, this would have important implications for patients' clinical management in that continued titration of diuretic therapy and/or mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists may not be appropriate. It may even be counterproductive because it may activate reflexive pressor responses and may raise the risk of adverse events.

In addition, our paper Quantitative MRI of fatty liver disease in a large pediatric cohort: correlation between liver fat fraction, stiffness, volume, and patient-specific factors reports that the liver volume, stiffness and fat fraction are linked and related to various patient-specific features. These connections require further study since magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is gradually utilized as a non-invasive biomarker for fatty liver disease diagnosis and examination.

I’ve held various positions, including lead statistician for the Collaborative Antiviral Study Group (CASG) and deputy director of the Statistical and Data Management Center of Mycoses Study Group (MSG). I’ve also been a Steering Committee member for the Consortium of Hospitals to Advance Research on Tobacco (CHART) trials.

I enjoy applying what I’ve learned and developing new methods to improve people’s health. Additionally, I have received multiple awards and recognitions throughout my career, including:

  • I became an Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) (2016).
  • Our findings in “Can a school-based hand hygiene program reduce asthma exacerbations among elementary school children?” were reported on by Reuters and various social media sites.
  • Our paper “Quantitative MRI of fatty liver disease in a large pediatric cohort: correlation between liver fat fraction, stiffness, volume, and patient-specific factors” was selected as the article of the year for Abdominal Radiology.
  • Our published research on “Women's Rehabilitation Experiences Following Breast Cancer Surgery” won the Rehabilitation Nursing Writers’ Award: Editor’s Choice Award (2018).
  • Our paper on “Masked Uncontrolled Hypertension Is Not Attributable to Medication Nonadherence” was awarded the “High Impact Paper in Hypertension” (Fall 2019).

I have more than 10 years’ experience in biostatistics and joined the team at Cincinnati Children’s in 2012. My research has been published in a multitude of journals, such as Biometrics, Radiology, Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery, Hypertension and Journal of the American College of Radiology.

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Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

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BS: University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China.

PhD: University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.


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