A photo of Ge Zhang.

Ge Zhang, MD, PhD

  • Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


MD: West China University of Medical Sciences, Chengdu, China, 1997.

PhD: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2007.

Services and Specialties


Research Areas

Human Genetics, Prevention of Preterm Birth


P07-023-23 Human Milk Zinc, Copper, and Selenium Concentrations at 3 Months Postpartum Among Bangladeshi Women: Associations With Maternal Plasma Mineral Concentrations. Ge, X; Schulze, K; Stephenson, K; Wu, LS-F; Baker, S; Ali, H; Shaikh, S; Monangi, N; Zhang, G; Landero, J; et al. Current Developments in Nutrition. 2023; 7:101014.

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