Our pediatric cardiac anesthesiology fellowship is a twelve-month integrated program designed to prepare trainees for clinical and academic careers providing anesthesia for patients with congenital heart disease. Our goal is to train a well-rounded clinician skilled in the anesthetic management of neonates, children, and young adults with congenital heart disease in both cardiac and non-cardiac related procedures.

Last year the division of cardiac anesthesia here at Cincinnati Children’s provided care for 821 cardiac catheterizations (diagnostic, therapeutic, hybrid), 184 electrophysiologic procedures, 268 cardiopulmonary bypass open heart cases, 107 non-bypass heart cases, and 11 thoracic cases. We perform, on average, 10 cardiac transplants each year, and have a well-established lung transplant program. Our cardiothoracic surgeons have experience in the implantation of various ventricular assist devices for heart failure, such as the Berlin Heart EXCOR, HeartMate II, HeartWare, and Syncardia Total Artificial Heart. Cincinnati Children’s is one of the few centers nationwide performing slide tracheoplasties for complete tracheal rings, which involves cardiothoracic surgery when cardiopulmonary bypass is required. Beyond the operating room and cardiac catheterization laboratory, fellows will provide anesthesia/sedation in radiology and echocardiogram clinic. They will also care for patients in the cardiac intensive care unit.

Our center offers the unique opportunity for our fellows to travel to China for a 2-4 week rotation at Shanghai Children’s Hospital, one of the oldest children’s hospitals in China. This premier tertiary pediatric center performs between 3,000-4,000 cardiothoracic surgeries each year. This hands-on rotation not only provides our fellows with additional experience in the anesthetic management of congenital heart disease and arterial and central line placement, but also exposes our trainee to an international health care system.