The Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program is housed within the Liberty Sports Medicine / Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinic and the Green Township Sports Medicine / Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinic. These clinic areas serve as the northern and the west-side hubs, respectively, of Sports Medicine within Cincinnati Children's and are our newest and premier locations. The vision was to create integrated centers that offered excellence in clinical care (both medical and physical therapy). The clinical volume of the residents is located at these two locations.

Full-time support staff and services are available to meet the needs of the resident and the clinical residency program faculty. Office staff members are responsible for scheduling and referral management. There are full- and part-time physical therapy rehabilitation technicians whose services are available to the resident when needed. Computerized documentation is fully supported by the information services staff.

The resident has a laptop with docking station and personal work space within the PT staff office at either location. Each location houses a modest, up-to-date collection of texts that are most pertinent to the Residency and the residents have full access to the Cincinnati Children's Pratt Library, which many consider a prized resource. This includes literature search assistance, critical appraisal training, unlimited access to full text articles and access to many bound volumes. The resident has access to all the research facilities in the Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center including, but not limited to a fully equipped motion analysis laboratory and the Human Performance Laboratory.