Registration for all of our courses can be completed online here.

During registration, you may opt for one of the following registration types:

  1. Genetic Counseling CEUs – Select this option if you are a genetic counselor who would like to receive CEU credit through NSGC. You must submit a $25 CEU fee for each course. (Not available for Case Series.)
  2. Prerequisite – Select this option if you would like to take the course for a grade and receive a letter of completion with this grade. Many students who are taking the courses as a prerequisite to apply to genetic counseling programs choose this option. (Not available for the Case Series.)
  3. Informational – Select this option if you would like to take the course for your own information and do not require CEUs or a letter of completion.

Embryology and Teratology only: If you would like to take these for credit as a UC student or as a non-matriculated student (to receive an official transcript) you may register for these courses through the UC registrar. You can also register as a non-matriculated (non-UC) student. Please see course comparison below. 


  Register as a Non-Matriculated Student through UC Register Directly through Cincinnati GC Program
Cost UC per credit hour tuition (three credits) $495
Timing Offered each semester – spring, summer, fall (on the UC academic calendar) Gain access to course within ~one week of when you register
Method In-person or online Online
Duration One semester Self-paced, have access for one year
Outcome Official UC transcript Letter of completion with grade (NO TRANSCRIPT)