The Quality Scholars Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center includes:

  1. Strong methodological training in health services research and quality improvement methods (including quality improvement research methods of study design and analysis, planned experimentation in complex systems, statistical process control and product and process design.
  2. Series of mentored research / improvement projects
  3. Exposure to a wide range of high-impact areas of study including innovation in nonhealthcare industry settings
  4. Mentoring for career development
  5. Leadership training and multidisciplinary team work

The training period will be three years. The duration of the training program may be reduced if a candidate already has an MS, MPH, PhD or DrPH in epidemiology or other relevant field.

Formal Coursework

The Master of Science in Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) at the University of Cincinnati will provide one important foundational element of the program. Most are likely to select the clinical epidemiology / clinical effectiveness track. All scholars will take the health services research course that is part of the clinical epidemiology / clinical effectiveness track.