The Office of Pediatric Clinical Fellowships works collaboratively with clinical fellows across the institution. 

The Office of Pediatric Clinical Fellowships works collaboratively with the fellowship program directors to enhance recruitment, education, mentoring, and research funding, while tracking outcomes for clinical fellows across the institution.

Our Vision

  • Recruit the best fellow candidates through enhanced recruiting strategies.
  • Enhance research training by exposing fellows to the diversity of collaborative research at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.
  • Provide personalized coaching from faculty in basic, clinical, translational, quality improvement and educational research.

Our Mission

The Office of Pediatric Clinical Fellowships will work collaboratively with fellowship directors and fellows to enhance the quality of training and track outcomes, to make Cincinnati Children’s the eminent pediatric fellowship training site. 

Our Goals

  • Provide a consolidated home for all clinical fellows and program directors in Pediatrics, Surgery, Radiology, Anesthesiology, and related sub-specialties.
  • Develop a systematic, organized recruitment and retention infrastructure to ensure timely placement and lasting retention of outstanding pediatric clinical fellows.
  • Enhance research education and training through increased collaborative networks across divisional boundaries and broaden institutional visibility of fellows’ research.
  • Enhance the quality and outcomes for all fellowship programs through collective data knowledge and centralized resources.
  • Enhance research funding of fellows and fellowships through facilitation of applications for training support, assisting fellows in the selection and execution of interdisciplinary research and Scholarly Oversight Committees.
  • Enhance mentoring across divisions through increased communication, consolidation and collaboration.