A New Emergency Communications System Improves Safety

When a patient displays signs of escalating aggression or distress, a quick response is imperative to help keep our patients and staff safe. 

Thanks to the generosity of a private funder, we’ll be implementing a new emergency communications system at our College Hill campus—a real-time staff locating system that will improve our ability to quickly notify teams when a crisis erupts. 

Currently, our emergency notification system consists of buttons housed in a central location on each unit. The new system will include devices worn by each care provider, putting a call for help at their fingertips.  

“When a patient is in crisis, the staff need to focus on the situation and not how to summon help,” says Kiran Kang, director of Mental Health Operations. “This new system will allow staff to get needed assistance at their exact location with just one click of a button that is with them at all times.”

Giving our team members a tool to minimize the impact of patient aggression allows them to focus their talents and expertise on the effective treatment of pediatric and adolescent mental illness.

“Patients are here for treatment and support,” Kiran says. “This new system will allow caregivers to provide that support to patients in a way that is safer for our staff.”