Hyperlipidemia is a condition where there are high level of lipids (fats / cholesterol) circulating in the blood. There are different types of hyperlipidemias, all of which are risk factors for developing heart disease.

Other factors such as genetics, eating and exercise habits, and the presence of other diseases such as diabetes and hypertension may also contribute to the development of heart disease. Some of these factors are within our control; others are not. 

Studies have shown a link between high blood cholesterol and premature heart attacks. Too much cholesterol in the blood can collect in the arteries and form a plaque (a raised lesion on the inside of an artery).

Over time, this plaque can build up and narrow the arteries, which in turn may clog the flow of blood. This process can begin in early childhood and over time may result in coronary artery disease, heart attacks or stroke.