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Infant Motor Evaluation

What is an Infant Motor Evaluation?

What Is the Infant Motor Evaluation Clinic?

This clinic is for babies who may have motor (or movement) concerns. Clinic team members are experts in the development of babies. The doctors and therapist will evaluate how your child’s muscles are working.

Why Would My Pediatrician Send Me Here?

Babies are seen here if parents, doctors or therapists have any concerns about how a baby’s muscles are working.

Sometimes it is because the baby is late with sitting, rolling or walking. The baby could also have very tight or loose muscles. Sometimes it is just because someone in the baby’s life is worried that something is wrong.

Who Will Be Here?

You will meet four people. A neurologist, a rehabilitation medicine doctor, a physical therapist and a care coordinator are the team members. They are experts in the care of babies.

What Will Happen at My Visit?

The physical therapist will put the baby in different positions (sitting, standing, etc.) and look at how the baby holds the positions. The therapist will also move the baby around to feel the baby’s muscles and test the baby’s reflexes.

The physicians will each talk with you about your baby’s history. They will also examine your baby.

The team will give you guidance on next steps. This can include therapy, testing or seeing other specialists. The care coordinator will help you understand the results of your visit. She will help you plan what to do next.

This visit usually takes about two hours. The clinic is at the Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus.

What Are the Benefits of Bringing My Baby to This Clinic?

If your baby has a medical concern, finding out early is best. Early therapy leads to the best results.

Last Updated 10/2022

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