Rehabilitation Medicine
Infant Motor Evaluation Clinic

Infant Motor Evaluation Clinic

The Infant Motor Evaluation Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s provides a comprehensive evaluation of infants who have issues with motor development.

The clinic is staffed with a pediatric neurologist, a pediatric rehabilitation medicine physician, a pediatric physical therapist and a care coordinator who specialize in the care of infants.

The team will complete standardized assessments of motor development during your visit and combine this information with the baby’s history and exam to provide a better understanding of underlying issues or diagnoses (when evident) as well as recommendations for further testing or treatment.

Primary care physicians, therapists or other professionals are encouraged to refer patients who:

  • Are less than 2 years old
  • Are not already being seen by a neurologist and/or rehabilitation physician at Cincinnati Children’s
  • Exhibit issues with motor development including:
    • Delayed milestones in sitting, rolling or walking
    • Persistent fisted hands or head lag beyond 4 months
    • Asymmetries in posture or movement, including hand preference
    • Stiffness in legs
  • Have been identified by a therapist or other person as having motor concerns
  • Do not have a clear diagnosis and/or plan for evaluation or treatment

At a clinic visit, families can expect to be evaluated by all members of the team who will work together to provide:

  • A diagnosis, when evident
  • A plan for further testing, when indicated
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Support for a path forward

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