Lou-pro-lid As-e-tate  (Lou-pron Dee-po)

Leuprolide acetate is the generic form of the medication. Brand names include Lupron Depot and Lupon Depot-Ped.

Leuprolide acetate (Lupron Depot) is a medicine that is used in children who have early or precocious puberty.  It stops the body from making the hormones that cause the body to mature. Some of the changes that your child's body has already had will slow down or stay the same after they start the medicine.

In girls, the breast tissue will soften and stop growing, periods will stop, mood swings might go away. 

In boys, the testicles will soften and stop growing and mood swings might go away.

Some of the signs that boys and girls have will slow down or stay the same.  These signs are hair growth, oily skin and acne.  

Treatment of early puberty is continued until the child reaches an age when puberty would be considered normal and the predicted height is optimal. This decision will be made by you and your child's physician, as a team.

After stopping leuprolide acetate, the body returns to normal hormone production and allows the child to restart puberty without any effects to their future health.

The medicine is given by an injection into the muscle.  The nurse will help you decide if you want to give the shots at home or get them at the doctor's office.

Another medicine used to stop puberty is an implant called Supprelin LA or Histrelin.  The implant is inserted by a specially trained doctor into the upper arm.  The implant stays in place for 12 months and needs to be replaced every year.

Your doctor will help you decide which option is best for your child.