Local Musicians Perform Song Together to Lift Spirits

Cincinnati musicians collaborate with Cincinnati Children’s to perform “Lean On Me”

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

When Cincinnati Children's asked local musicians to collaborate for an uplifting project to make patients, families and employees feel good during an uncertain time, dozens of them pulled through.

They performed "Lean On Me" from their living rooms. 

At Cincinnati Children's, we know we don't carry the burden of this tough time alone. 

Cincinnati musicians are among those showing us we have each other to lean on.

Special thanks to those who lent their time and talents for this Cincinnati Children's community collaboration:

  • Aaron Smith: Vocals/Fiddle
  • Alex Thompson: Drums
  • Bob Nyswonger: Bass
  • Brian Lovely: Guitar
  • Brian Wallen: Vocals/Guitar
  • Christina Nam: Violin
  • Dee Marie: Vocals
  • Dixie Karas: Vocals
  • Erica Nam: Violin
  • Kelly Richey: Guitar
  • Kim Taylor: Vocals
  • Leslie Mills: Vocals
  • Mike Hodges: Drums
  • Mike Oberst: Vocals/Banjo
  • Mike Tittel: Drums/Percussion
  • Molly Wallen: Vocals
  • Paul Otten: Vocals/Piano
  • Ricky Nye: Electric Piano
  • Rob Fetters: Guitar
  • Roger Glug: Guitar
  • Ted Karas: Guitar
  • Tyler Randal: Sitar
  • Walt Coleman: Bass
  • Wesley Smith: Vocals/Harmonica
  • Matt Hueneman: Mix Engineer
  • Robert Mills: Director/Editor
  • Tanya Leach: Cincinnati Children's Video Manager

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