Cincinnati Children’s Expanding Collaborations as the Leader in Improving Child Health

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

For decades, Cincinnati Children’s has collaborated with healthcare organizations throughout the United States and abroad – sharing best practices, aligning on treatment protocols and advancing innovations that are based upon the latest research.

This collaborative approach not only enables the nation’s No. 1 ranked pediatric health system to attract and retain world-class talent to our region but also cultivates an unparalleled environment of continuous learning and groundbreaking discoveries that change the outcome for kids both in Cincinnati and around the world.

“Collaboration is in our DNA,” explains Steve Davis, MD, MMM, Cincinnati Children’s president and CEO. “We believe that all children should have access to world-class care, close to their home, and we recognize that by sharing our depth of knowledge and experience through education and advocacy, while also learning from others, we are creating a brighter future for all children.”

This work to improve access to the highest quality pediatric care continues through two recently expanded collaborations:

In Eastern Ohio, Cincinnati Children’s is teaming with Akron Children’s to provide complex care in several medical specialties, including pediatric otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), hepatology (liver disease), and bone marrow transplant.

The two health systems have collaborated for over a decade to care for kidney transplant patients, and now Akron Children’s will provide enhanced care for local patients in other specialties where Cincinnati Children’s excels. Over time, they will explore expanding the clinical collaboration based upon the evolving needs of the region and evaluate opportunities to work together in other ways, including research and education.

“We are proud to build upon our successful collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s to ensure Akron Children’s patients can receive complex care, close to home,” said Chris Gessner, Akron Children’s president and CEO. “We know how important the relationship is between a patient and their care team, and now our patients in ENT, hepatology and bone marrow transplant will have access to Cincinnati Children’s specialists at Akron Children’s locations.”

In addition, Cincinnati Children’s is expanding relationships globally. For the past 10 years, thousands of children in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have received care from Cincinnati Children’s, both in the United States and in the UAE.

Working with Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the leading healthcare provider in the United Arab Emirates, and subsidiary of PureHealth, the largest integrated healthcare network in the Middle East, Cincinnati Children’s has embarked on a six-month assessment of current pediatric services in the region and readiness toward achieving designation as a pediatric “center of excellence.”

Shaista Asif, Group Chief Executive Officer of PureHealth, said, “PureHealth is committed to nurturing the future of Abu Dhabi by ensuring our children, the cornerstone of tomorrow, receive the best possible start in life. We remain dedicated to advancing Abu Dhabi's position as an international leader in specialized healthcare. This collaboration will enhance our healthcare framework, enabling facilities to elevate their standards and enhance patient outcomes, crafting a healthier, brighter future for our youngest generation.”

Earlier in 2024, Cincinnati Children’s announced a growth initiative with Parkview Health in Indiana and in 2023, it opened a new facility in Centerville and broke ground in Union, Kentucky and Eastgate, Ohio.

“Partnering with others and growing beyond our region allows us to expand our reach, deepen our impact and further innovation,” shared Davis. “Together, we will reach more children in need and ultimately transform the landscape of pediatric healthcare. Through these collaborations and countless others, we not only honor our commitment to the children and families we serve today but also pave the way for a healthier future for generations to come.”

About Cincinnati Children’s

Cincinnati Children’s ranks No. 1 in the nation in U.S. News & World Reports 2023-24 listing of Best Children’s Hospitals. In addition, Cincinnati Children’s has been recognized as one of America’s Most Innovative Companies by Fortune. Established in 1883, Cincinnati Children’s is a nonprofit, independent pediatric health system that is internationally recognized for improving child health and transforming delivery of care through research, education, and innovation. About one-third of Cincinnati Children’s 19,000 employees are engaged in research. Cincinnati Children’s collaborates with institutions in more than 20 countries through the Global Health Center and also has partnerships in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

About Akron Children's

Akron Children’s is an independent, nonprofit pediatric health care system that has been caring for children since 1890. With two hospital campuses, seven regional health centers and more than 50 primary and specialty care locations throughout Ohio, we are the only health care system in our region fully dedicated to pediatric care. With our vast network of Akron Children’s Pediatrics offices, we offer convenient access to expert pediatric primary care for patients from infancy through young adulthood. From our School-Based Health Care to our Quick Care Online virtual visits and Akron Children’s Anywhere app, we make it easy for today’s busy families to find the high-quality care they need. In 2023, our health care system provided nearly 1.4 million patient encounters and employed more than 7,000 employees. Learn more at

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