The cost of medical care can be overwhelming. We can help you identify sources of financial assistance for the care of your child with special needs. Cincinnati Children's provides information about specific programs, including:

  • Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps: This program assures that children in Ohio with special healthcare needs, ages 0 to 21, obtain comprehensive medical care and services.
  • Health Insurance: Find information and resources on health insurance and healthcare reform.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid is a comprehensive health insurance program that provides health coverage to families with low incomes, children, pregnant women and people who are aged, blind or who have disabilities.
  • Waivers: Waivers provide options that are not tied to a family's financial situation. Eligibility for a Medicaid Waiver is based on the income of the individual, not the family. A waiver for families that don’t qualify for Medicaid can provide coverage to make living at home possible.
  • Medicare: This federal program provides health insurance to qualifying children and adults with disabilities and chronic conditions. Certain dependent adult children of parents who receive Medicare may also be eligible for Medicare.
  • Prescription assistance: Programs are available that either fully cover medications or offer them at a significantly reduced cost.