Clinical research trials are studies that help us better understand diseases and explore potential new treatments or prevention. Clinical trials have very specific participation criteria, so all patients with a given disease or condition may not be eligible.

Cincinnati Children's helps provide information on available clinical trails. While we strongly encourage patients and their families to educate themselves about all treatment options, it is important to discuss these options with your child's physician(s). Your physician can:

  • Help determine if your child is eligible
  • Provide background information that can assist you in making a decision about participation
  • Possibly assist in contacting and transferring needed medical information about your child's condition

Your physician and/or social worker may also be helpful in obtaining insurance and/or financial aid should you decide to pursue a clinical trail.

For additional information about clinical trials:

  • Participating in Clinical Trials at Cincinnati Children's
  •, a service of the National Institutes of Health, is a user-friendly site that allows patients and families to: search for clinical trials by condition, funding organizations (both federally funded ad privately supported), location and / or names of researchers.