The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities provides a variety of comprehensive services to eligible children and adults who have developmental disabilities.  

Programs and supports are available to help qualified children and adults with special needs in Ohio reach their full potential through education, vocational rehabilitation, mental health services, respite, and individualized supports.

On June 30, 2015, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 64, the state budget bill, into law. Disability Rights Ohio has created a document to summarize some of the major issues from the budget that impact people with disabilities. The budget bill, in addition to setting out how many dollars the state will bring in and spend, also contains important policy developments. It is important for people with disabilities and their advocates to follow the implementation of these key budget provisions to ensure that they operate fairly and effectively. It is critical to ensure that people with disabilities have a voice in implementation of the budget's policy developments.

The Complex Care Center at Cincinnati Children's recommends these highly valuable services.