Families who have children with special healthcare needs have the additional challenge of finding a camp and making vacation plans that will support their child's specific condition. A parent or guardian, caring for their child with special healthcare needs, may need a break - time for themselves to rest, relax or run errands.

We can help by providing specialized recreation, travel, camp, daycare and home healthcare resources:

  • In-Home Health Assistance: Find nursing, aide, infusion and/or homemaker resources, capable of caring for people with special healthcare needs.
  • Day Care & Respite: Find facilities that can care for someone with special needs so the caregiver can take a break.
  • Camps: Find programs that are modified and have leaders who are capable of taking care of special needs.
  • Leisure & Athletics: Find accessible playgrounds, activities, modified sports and toys developed for those with special needs.
  • Vacations & Travel: Find resources that will provide information to help you properly plan for time away from home.