We offer resources to help you navigate the complex world of education for your child with special needs, from preschool to college. When families, educators, healthcare providers and support agencies work together, we can maximize the potential of each child to meaningfully participate in schools, work and community life.

Find information and resources that can help: 

  • Early Intervention: Specialized services and programs are available for children from birth up to age 3 who either have or are at risk for developmental delays.
  • School Special Education / Private Options & Scholarships: Negotiating the maze of special education supports and knowing how, why and when to advocate for an IEP, a 504 plan or a behavior plan requires that you become knowledgeable about special education laws and your child's rights. Learn about private options and the Autism and Jon Peterson Special Needs scholarships from the Ohio Department of Education. Find sample letters requesting special education supports.
  • College / Postsecondary: If your family is considering college or other postsecondary education programs, it’s important to understand how your child’s legal rights would change. You might also consider deferring graduation for a student on an IEP. Find resources for vocational and transition programs and financial aid.