When families, educators, healthcare providers and support agencies work together, we can maximize the potential of each child to meaningfully participate in schools, work and community life.

We offer resources to help you navigate the complex world for you and your child with special healthcare needs, from pregnancy to adulthood.

NOTE: Many special healthcare needs correspond to a stage in life while others are based on need (as needed).

  • Life Stages Overview: Get an overview of various stages in life and challenges that may affect those with special healthcare needs.
  • Early Childhood: Specialized services, programs and preschools are available for young children who either have or are at risk for developmental delays.
  • School Age & Special Education: Knowing how, why and when to advocate for plans that are a legal right for children with special healthcare needs and other special education supports.
  • Transition: Moving from school age to adulthood is a transitional time that needs extra planning for those with special healthcare needs, such as employment and post-education.
  • Adulthood: Trying to maintain as much independence as possible is a primary goal of adulthood. However, some will need other residential and programming options.
  • As Needed: Special needs that are discovered at various ages for different people and situations, such as emergency planning, home and car modifications/needs.