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Written and Spoken Translation Services

Cincinnati Children’s is proud to care for children from all over the world. We provide free written translation as well as spoken and sign interpreting services to enable meaningful communication between patients, families and providers.

In addition to having Spanish, Arabic and American Sign Language interpreters on staff, contracted medical interpreters and national networks of phone and video interpreters are deployed to meet the need for language services. Using remote interpreters ensures someone is always available, even when a face-to-face interpreter is not.

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We have created language-specific phone numbers for patients and families who wish to communicate with Cincinnati Children's in languages other than English.

This service connects the non-English speaking caller to an interpreter and then automatically to Cincinnati Children's operators. The operator can connect the caller to a specific person, department or phone number. The interpreter stays on the line and provides services as needed.

These numbers are Direct Interpreter Access Lines (DIAL):

 Arabic  العربية 1-513-517-ARAB (1-513-517-2722)
 Cambodian  ភាសាខ្មែរ 1-513-517-0651 
 Cantonese   粵語/粤语 1-513-517-0652
 Farsi  فارسی 1-513-517-0654
 French  Français 1-513-517-0655
 Greek  Ελληνικά 1-513-517-0657
Japanese  日本語 1-513-517-0660
 Korean  한국어 1-513-517-0661
 Mandarin  普通話/普通话 1-513-517-0662 
 Nepali  नेपाली 1-513-517-0663 
 Polish  Polski 1-513-517-0666 
 Portuguese  Português 1-513-517-0667 
 Russian  Русский 1-513-517-0668 
 Somali   Soomaaliga 1-513-517-0669
 Spanish  Español 1-513-517-HOLA (1-513-517-4652)
 Turkish  Türkçe 1-513-517-0671 
 Vietnamese  Tiếng Việt 1-513-517-0672

For all other languages, dial 513-636-4200 or 1-800-344-2462 and request an interpreter from the English-speaking operator.