When your child faces extended hospitalization or living with a chronic health condition, the thought of continuing education can be overwhelming. The Center for School Services and Educational Research is committed to improving educational outcomes for students with health conditions, both locally and nationally, by using a multi-faceted approach that incorporates direct patient care, research, advocacy, and community outreach, serving a variety of stakeholders involved in a child’s education. 

Staff in the Center for School Services support the academic and emotional needs of school-age youth who experience barriers to school success by providing tailored, direct instruction during hospital admissions either at the bedside or in a small group setting. They also provide support in school re-entry. Serving as liaisons with your local school staff, they specialize in optimizing outcomes for students with chronic health conditions. 

School Intervention Program

The School Intervention Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is part of the Center for School Services and Educational Research and provides support for families and patients while partnering with their schools and medical teams to support their educational needs.

School Intervention Specialists are licensed educators who serve as liaisons and assist in short-term and long-term education planning for students with the diagnosis of cancer, sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis and those treated through the rehabilitation medicine program, concussion and brain clinic.

While the School Intervention Program primarily works with students in kindergarten through twelfth grade, support is also available to those in pre-kindergarten and post-secondary programs.

Hospital School Program

The Hospital School Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is part of the Center for School Services and Educational Research and provides direct instruction to our patients during extended hospital stays.  

Hospital School Teachers are licensed educators who work with patients and collaborate with the patient’s school to create meaningful lessons, provide direct instruction, and develop a plan for learning opportunities and school re-entry as needed.

The Hospital School Program provides education in various settings (classroom or bedside) based on diagnosis and/or treatment status. In addition to providing classroom and/or bedside instruction across multiple diagnoses, we offer Hospital School Programming specifically designed for cancer patients and mental health units.