School is an important facet of our children’s lives. Success at school helps build in children a sense of self-esteem, normalcy, and responsibility. Our hospital school program is here to help your child be successful in school, staying caught up with their schoolwork and educational goals. Our Ohio Certified teachers collaborate with the student’s school to provide instruction and other services that may be needed. Patients are seen either in the hospital school room or bedside, as medically appropriate. 

Our Programs and Services

Main Campus Hospital School:  

Our certified teachers are here to help your child with school concerns during hospitalization. School services can begin as early as your child’s first day in the hospital, schedules permitting; just bring all current school work from home. If you find yourself at Cincinnati Children’s unexpectedly, we will be happy to contact the school to have missed work sent directly to the hospital. We will then schedule a time to work with your child either in our schoolroom or bedside. If your school is unable to send us assignments, we have resources to work on some skills.

Re-entry Services: 

Returning to school after a hospitalization can be both exciting and overwhelming. Many children have special considerations for going back to the school setting; we are here to help communicate those needs with the school, and facilitate the transition. Accommodations commonly requested include extra time between classes, a room to take a break during the day, access to special bathrooms, an extra set of books to keep at home, workload modifications, and extra time for work. We can also help facilitate homebound instruction if that is something your child will need. Our teachers will work with your medical team to determine your child’s specific needs; then will work with the school to set them in place.

Psychiatric Education Programs:  

Good mental health is essential to a happy and productive childhood and adolescence. Cincinnati Children’s has four locations offering pediatric psychiatry; the Hospital School program is at each location to meet your child’s educational needs and provide a bridge between hospital and school. Children in the psychiatry program receive one hour of group instruction per day, year round.

During the school year, our teachers will work with the school to gather missed work and help your child stay caught up while in the hospital. We will also provide transition services that can include a plan which communicates your child’s specific needs to the school, and help connect your child with a trusted adult at the school who can act as a safety-net upon your child’s return.

During the summer our teachers will either help your child with school assignments, or, if no assignments are available, we will provide enrichment activities.

Information for Patients and Families

Before your visit: 

Not all hospital visits are planned; but when you do know beforehand that you will be coming, there are a few things you can do to be prepared to take full advantage of our services.

  • Bring your books! This way we can get started working with your child sooner.
  • Notify the school of the upcoming absence. By letting your child’s teacher and/or counselor know, work can be put together ahead of time.
  • Tell the school about us! Not all schools know about the services we provide. We will be contacting the school, after the proper paperwork is filled out, so they can be expecting to hear from us and be prepared to send us work.
  • Pick up any textbooks or other materials that are at the school.

Homebound Instruction: 

Depending on how long your child has been out of school, they may qualify for homebound instruction. There is usually a simple form that must be completed by a healthcare provider. If you are interested in homebound or have more questions about it, please ask one of our teachers.