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Seacrest Studios | WKID33

Seacrest Studios / WKID33

Seacrest Studios is a broadcast studio and media center within the walls of Cincinnati Children’s.

The glass-front studio (off the hospital’s main corridor across from the cafeteria) is home to WKID33, your hospital station for entertainment, learning and health programs, all broadcast directly to the TV in your child’s room on Channel 33.


Besides tuning in to Channel 33 in patient rooms, kids can dial 3-3333 to call in music requests or to participate in games. They can also come down to the studio to request songs, be on a game show or be a guest DJ.

Think of the studio as our virtual playroom, offering games, music and a creative outlet for hospitalized kids. It is fully equipped with television and radio capabilities and hosts educational segments, game shows, celebrity visits, concerts, magic shows, interactive music segments, story hours and radio shows.

The studio is made possible thanks to a partnership with The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which began building broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals across the country in 2010. This is the sixth studio.

"More than anything else, our Seacrest Studio is designed to be a fun and safe place, a diversion from any stresses and anxieties of life in the hospital," Studio Manager Zach Wells says. "When you walk by, if you see us having a blast, we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing."