The Biostatistical Consulting Unit (BCU) provides biostatistical consulting service primarily to researchers, faculty and staff of Cincinnati Children’s. However, we are open to collaborations with other academic units, outside entities or investigators. Consulting services provided by the BCU include:

Example of work, graphs.

  • Study design (including power and sample-size analyses)
  • Grant / Protocol development or review
  • Statistical analyses
  • Verification of statistical analyses & results produced outside of the BCU
  • Manuscript development & review
  • Budgeting / Resourcing for statistical collaboration
  • Education

Project Support Mechanisms

The Biostatistical Consulting Unit (BCU) offers project support through the following mechanisms:

 1. Short-Term Consultation. Short term consultation support is given for well-defined research projects with a relatively small scope. Examples of such projects include abstract preparation for a professional meeting, small studies or interim data analysis. In this case, fee-for-service charges will be assessed. This arrangement can also be used to support a faculty member who is developing or conducting individual investigator-initiated grant applications or research protocols. In the latter case, a divisional commitment may be needed.  This service may also be used to secure biostatistical support for funded projects (grants, contracts) where the scope of work is small enough not to warrant the commitment of DBE faculty on a percent time effort basis (i.e., less than 5% FTE).

2. Funded Projects. Service for funded projects will be handled as mid- or long-term projects and generally require on-going support such as a percent time effort of a faculty and/or staff, or at a fixed price (determined based upon the amount of expected work – usually 5% FTE or more). With a percent time effort, the BCU will make a specific faculty and/or staff member available. With a fixed price approach, the scope of work will be determined by the investigator and the BCU manager, and a cost determination based on the scope of work will be established.

3. Grants and Research Protocols. Services for individual-initiated grant applications or research protocols will be supported by BCU faculty and/or staff. We start work with the investigator early in the process of grant development. We provide consultation on experimental design, development of the appropriate statistical models and a comprehensive statistical analysis plans. We continue working with the investigator through grant submission, and work on revisions of the application to address reviewers’ concerns (if needed). For such a project, the expectation is that the time spent during grant development will be compensated by the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST) when applicable, on a fee-for-service basis, or by intramural funds within the framework of a divisional agreement (see below). Once the grant is funded, the faculty and/or staff continue to work closely with the investigator until the completion of the project, and their time is compensated as a person time effort on the grant.

4. Long-Term Divisional Support. We also provide long-term support to accommodate the statistical needs of a collaborating division. The arrangement and details of this type of service can be determined by the DBE and BCU directors in consultation with the collaborating division. Such arrangements may cover statistical as well as educational needs of faculty and research staff within the collaborating division. Some divisions may be served by a DBE faculty member to provide statistical support on a percent effort basis, but it should be recognized that there occasionally might be more demand than the allocated effort, or that additional expertise may be needed which resides with other DBE faculty. In this case the BCU can provide the additional needed service. The expectation is that the BCU will be compensated for this additional service after consultation with (and approval by) the collaborating division. This arrangement can also be applied to centers, departments and institutes.

5. Research Central Initiated Projects. We also provide biostatistical support to investigators who are CCTST members and request assistance through Research Central: the portal for intake of CCTST requests. The CCTST provides vouchers, upon approval of the application. Please contact the visit the CCTST website for more information.