Cardiovascular Imaging Research Laboratory
Available Equipment

Available Equipment

The CICRL offers state-of-the-art imaging equipment - operated by CICRL staff - which enhances both the quality of research and the efficiency of projects. Our ultrasound imaging systems offer 2D imaging, PW/CW Doppler, M-mode, Color Flow, Harmonic Imaging and Tissue Doppler with multi-frequency cardiac, general, and vascular transducers.

CICRL Imaging Equipment

  • Philips IE33 with phased array cardiac probes
  • Philips IU22 that includes phased array cardiac, linear vascular and a curved linear abdominal vascular probes
  • Philips CX50 (portable)
  • GE Vivid E9 with phased array cardiac probe
  • GE Vivid 7 ultrasound machines with phased array cardiac and linear vascular probes
  • GE Vivid I (portable)

Non-imaging Vascular Equipment

  • DynaPulse 5200A Pathway Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (brachial distensibility)
  • Itamar EndoPat 2000 (reactive hyperemic index)
  • Perimed Periflux System 5000 (laser flow Doppler)
  • Atcor SpyghmoCor  (pulse wave analysis, pulse wave velocity, heart rate variability)
  • Hokanson A20 Rapid Cuff Inflator
  • Hokanson EC6 Plethysmograph (venous plethysmography)

Available Image Storage & Data Analysis Software

  • Siemens Syngo Dynamics
  • TomTec Image Arena
  • Digiview Digisonics
  • Medical Imaging Applications
    • Carotid Analyzer
    • Brachial Analyzer
    • Frame Grabber workstation
  • GE EchoPac
  • Philips Qlab
  • Visualsonics Vevo software
  • CVI 42 MRI research software