The RFCC at Cincinnati Children’s operates five cell sorters for the simultaneous purification of up to four populations to be used for downstream applications.  If you are a new client, please make an appointment with Celine Silva Lages to discuss your experimental needs.

The Sony SH800S and MA900 are available 24/7 for user operated sorts. Contact Sherry Thornton or Celine Silva Lages for information about training.  

Design a panel on one of our instruments using FluoroFinder.


Number of Fluorescence PMTs

Number of cell population

Instrument Name* Instrument Make/Model Location** UV (335nm) Violet (405nm) Blue (488nm) Yellow-Green (561nm) Red (635nm)
Fusion BD/FACSAria II/Fusion R5503 2
Arnie BD/FACSAria II R5503 2 6
5 3
MoFlo Beckman Coulter/MoFlo XDP R5529
SH800S Sony/SH800S R5504   4 collinear lasers, 6 Channels
MA900 Sony/MA900 R5504   2 set of 2 collinear lasers, 12 channels
BigFoot ThermoFisher R5503 12

Cell Sorting Information

R5503: FACSArias 𠊊nd BigFoot
R5504: MA900 and SH800

R5529: MoFlo XDP

9 am to 7 pm Monday-Friday.
Sort 10 am to 6 pm.

Room phone numbers
513-636-2770 - FACSArias and BigFoot
513-636-2054 - MoFlo XDP
513-517-1466 - SH800 and MA900

cell sorting

*Click on the instrument name for the configuration.
**BL2 rooms. Doors must be kept closed at all times and appropriate PPE worn while in the instrument rooms.

Collection options include: 1.5 ml tubes; 12x75 mm Falcon tubes; 15 ml conicals; multiwell plates; slides.


After your sorting consultation, you can schedule time using Stratocore. Please put a request at least 24h, during working days, before your needed time for approval.

To schedule the right amount of time for staff-operated sort, please use this document.

Sample preparation

Read the Cell Sorting Guidelines for information on sample preparation, collection, etc.

Sorting fees

The sorting fees for internal clients can be found on Centerlink. For external clients, please contact us.

Cancellation / late policy

You need to cancel your appointment via Stratocore. All cancellations will be confirmed via email to the client. You will be charged for the sort and the setup fee if you cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled time. For Monday sorts, you must cancel by noon on Friday. If you are late, you will be charged for the time you scheduled. If your sort time runs over, you will be charged for the time you used. See policies for more details.

Infectious cell sorting

All of our cell sorters are contained in class II biosafety cabinets for sorting of potentially infectious samples. Contact Celine Silva Lages for more information on infectious cell sorting. Please see this list for a non-exhaustive list of BSL2 and BSL2+ samples.

After your sort

Tell us how we’re doing! After your appointment, fill out a survey to provide feedback on your sort.