The ImageStreamX Mark II imaging flow cytometer combines the visual power of microscopy with the speed and sensitivity of flow cytometry by digitally imaging cells directly in flow. 

Features of our instrument:

  • Lasers - 405 nm, 488 nm, and 642 nm.  Plus a 785 nm laser for Scatter.
    12 Image Channels - Two cameras, each with a brightfield channel leaves up to 10 channels available for fluorescence detection. See Configuration.
  • MultiMag - This option provides 20× and 60× objective lenses in addition to the standard 40× lens for greater imaging flexibility and improved resolution.
  • Full Color Brightfield - The Full Color Brightfield option provides a full spectrum brightfield light source that allows the ImageStreamX Mark II system to replicate the RGB brightfield imagery of a microscope.
    For more information visit the website.


If you would like to be trained on the ImageStreamX Mark II, contact Sarah Croswell or Celine Silva Lages.


After training, you can schedule time using the Stratocore Scheduling system.

Sample Preparation and Protocols

Download the Sample Preparation Guide for information on experimental design and the protocol for cell preparation. Samples are run using 1.5 ml microfuge tubes. Visit the Amnis website and register for an online account through the Customer Portal for access to more applications and protocols.


The instrument is located within R5503, which is locked after working hours. If you need access to this room outside of the normal working day, please let us know. This is a BL2 room.


ImageStreamX Mark II usage fees for internal clients can be found on Centerlink. For external clients, please contact us. If you would like RFCC staff to run samples for you, contact Celine Silva Lages to discuss your specific needs. 

Technical Support

Need help? We can be reached in R5503 or at 513-636-3575.

Alternatively, call Amnis at 1-800-730-7147, option 2. Support is available 11 am-9 pm M-F.

Data Storage

A project drive has been set up for ImageStreamX Mark II data called “RFCC-ImageStream” (Cincinnati Children’s users only). Access will be given after training. During acquisition the data will be stored on the analysis computer. You will then transfer your data to your folder on RFCC-ImageStream where it can be analyzed from any computer running the IDEAS software application.

Request access to one of our project drives at https://bmirdsdp/DP/


For analysis of ImageStreamX Mark II data, there is a PC workstation with the IDEAS Software and the Machine Learning Module for IDEAS Software are available in our core. If you would like to install a copy of IDEAS on your PC, you can do so at after registering for an account in the Customer Portal. IDEAS will also run on a Mac with ’parallels’ capability.

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