The Luminex is a high throughput multiplexing suspension array system which enables the simultaneous quantitation of a wide array of cytokines and mediators (up to 100) in a single human, mouse or rat sample (i.e. serum, lavage, sputum, cell culture supernatants, etc.). This assay is particularly useful for measurement of mediators/cytokines in small samples (25 ul).  See the Luminex website for more information.

Contact and Scheduling

Contact Alyssa Sproles via email or at 636-3575 to discuss your experimental goals, kit selection and sample information. 


Fees include the cost of the kit plus a processing fee per 96 well plate. Pricing for internal clients can be found on Centerlink. For external clients, please contact us

Digestive Health Center members receive a discount. See the  DHC website  for more details.


Data is provided as an excel spreadsheet and includes relative concentration of analytes for each sample and assay sensitivity.

ELISA Services

For samples not requiring the Luminex, we also offer ELISA services.  Fees include the cost of the kit plus $100 per 96 well plate.