Commercial Flow Cytometry Links and Tools

  • FluoroFinder - Free panel design software and reagent database. Visit the RFCC page to design panels specific to our instrument configurations. 
  • Fluorish – Free panel design software and reagent database.  Join the ‘Cincinnati Childrens’ core facility to design panels specific to our instrument configurations. 
  • Chromocyte - Free web-based panel design tool, reagent database and forum.
  • BD Biosciences Multicolor Flow Cytometry Tools − Several tools for flow cytometry education and panel design. 
  • Invitrogen’s Fluorescence Tutorials − Five tutorials on the basics of fluorescence, understanding fluorescence spectra, optics, flow cytometry and data analysis.
  • BioLegend Webtools − Tools for developing panels for multicolor assays.
  • Affymetrix/eBioscience – Protocols and products for preparing and staining cells for flow cytometry.
  • Beckman Coulter − A website section dedicated to flow cytometry.

Spectra Viewers

Protocols in Flow Cytometry

  • Current Protocols in Cytometry (online subscription through the Pratt Library at Cincinnati Children’s)
  • OMIPs (Optimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panels) – A publication type in Cytometry Part A to communicate complex reagent panels for interrogating phenotypic and functional characteristics of cell populations.

  • Publishing Flow Cytometry Data − MIFlowCyt (Minimum Information about a Flow Cytometry experiment) A standard for outlining the minimum information required to report the experimental details of flow cytometry experiments.

Flow Cytometry Reference Books

Basic tutorials for designing a flow cytometry experiment

Fluorochromes/Fluorescent Proteins/Fluorescent Dyes

Other Related Cores