Analysis Workstations

Analysis workstations are available in R5503 OR users can purchase software licenses for data analysis. Schedule time on workstations (no charge) by logging in to CORES and clicking on 'Reserve Core Device.' See below for a listing of available software packages.

Analysis Workstation Location Analysis Software Programs
PC1 R5503 FACSDiva, FCS Express, FlowJo, ModFit, FCAP Array
PC2 R5503 FACSDiva, FCS Express, FlowJo, ModFit
Mac R5503 FCS Express, FlowJo, CellQuest Pro
ImageStream R5503 IDEAS

The RFCC also hosts site licenses for FCS Express, FlowJo and Cytobank. To sign up for the FCS Express and FlowJo licenses, see instructions below. For more information about Cytobank and high dimensional analysis, please email Celine Silva Lages

Software Information:

Site Licenses for FCS Express & FlowJo

The RFCC hosts site licenses for FCS Express and FlowJo flow cytometry analysis software. See the table below for information about each software license, pricing structure and how to participate.


FAQ FlowJo FCS Express
Who can participate?  RFCC users from Cincinnati Children’s and UC can participate.
Is it MAC or PC compatible? Both programs are compatible with both Mac and PC platforms.
What is the pricing structure? ~$230/Computer/Year
Licensed to each computer.
Multiple users per license. 
~ $230/User/Year
Licensed to each user.
Multiple computers per license. 
What if I already have it?  Contact us and we will work with the company to include you in the license.
How do I sign up?  1. Fill out the license agreement and return it to the Flow Core.
2. We will give you a username and password for the registration site.
3. Visit the FlowJo registration site and register your computer.
4. An email will be sent to you with a serial number and instructions for downloading FlowJo.
1. Fill out the license agreement and return it to the Flow Core.
2. We will send you:
    a. A username and password for FCS Express.
    b. A configuration file.
3. Click HERE for instructions on installing your site license as an end user. 
Can I use it on multiple computers?  No. Each FlowJo license is specific to one computer. The site license recognizes the computer hardware address that was entered on the registration site.  Yes. You can download FCS Express and log in from any computer, as long as that computer is connected to the internet. For example, if a user has two computers, one at work and one at home, they only have to purchase a single license. However, a user can only be logged in on a single computer at a time. 
Can I have multiple users on one license?  Yes. Since the license is specific to one computer, multiple users can log in and use FlowJo. They just need to enter the serial number that was provided during registration.  No. The site license is specific to each user by creating a unique login. However, that user can log in from any computer that has FCS Express. 
How do I transfer a license?  To transfer your license to a new computer, email Celine Silva Lages and provide the hardware address for the new computer which can be found by following the instructions HERE Since the license is specific to each user, email Celine Silva Lages to deactivate the current user and create a new account for the new user.
How do I deactivate a license?  If you need to deactivate a license, email Celine Silva Lages

Note: Digestive Health Center members receive a discount for FlowJo. See the DHC website for more details.