Research Flow Cytometry Core Director

A photo of Sherry Thornton.Sherry Thornton, PhD
The Research Flow Cytometry Core is directed by Dr. Sherry Thornton. In 2002 Dr. Thornton became assistant flow core director for the Rheumatology Center Grant (NIHP30) and began serving as the core director in 2005. In 2008 she took on a larger role in flow cytometry at Cincinnati Children’s as director of the Research Flow Cytometry Core, which houses all flow cytometry instrumentation involved in basic research. Email Sherry.

Research Flow Cytometry Core Manager

A photo of Monica DeLay.Monica DeLay
Monica has a MS in Biology and extensive research experience in immunology and autoimmune diseases. Monica is available for experimental consultation on flow cytometric analysis, imaging flow cytometry and cell sorting. She is an ISAC council member, chair of the ISAC SRL Services Committee, president of the Ohio River Valley Cytometry Association and teaches the monthly ‘Introduction to Flow Cytometry’ class. Email Monica.

Research Flow Cytometry Core Staff

A photo of Sarah Croswell.

Sarah Croswell
Sarah has a BS from Miami University and began working with the core facility in 2007. Sarah provides hands-on training and troubleshooting for the analytical cytometers and one-on-one assistance with data analysis using flow cytometry analysis software on the workstations in our core. Email Sarah.


A photo of Alex Dias.

Alexandra Dias
Alexandra (Alex) received her BS in Biomedical Technology from Barao de Maua University (Brazil) and has extensive experience in immunological research. Alex joined the RFCC in 2014 where she operates the FACSAria and MoFlo XDP and provides technical assistance on the analytical cytometers. Email Alex.


A photo of Tim Hubbell.

Tim Hubbell
Tim received his BA from the University of Cincinnati and has many years of experience in biomedical research on topics ranging from immunology to fluorescent spectroscopy. Tim joined the RFCC in 2010 as a cell sorter operator where he mainly operates the FACSAria’s and the MoFlo XDP cell sorters. Email Tim.


A photo of Javid Mohammed.

Javid Mohammed
Javid has a MS in Biology from Ball State University and joined the RFCC in 2011. He has several years of research experience in a range of areas from immunology to bioinformatics. Javid provides hands-on training for the analytical cytometers, assists users in data analysis and operates the FACSAria and MoFlo XDP cell sorters. Email Javid.

A photo of Alyssa Sproles.

Alyssa Sproles
Alyssa received her BA in Biology from Northern Kentucky University and has extensive experience in immunological research. As manager of the Cincinnati Cytokine/Mediator Measurement Core she performed assays measuring protein analytes from a variety of fluids and/or tissues using Luminex and ELISA technologies. She also operates the Polaris instrument for the analysis of single cell biology for the RFCC. Email Alyssa.

 Viji Vummidi Premkumar

Vidjaya (Viji) Letchoumy Vummidi Premkumar
Viji received her PhD in Biochemistry and has been performing research on topics ranging from telomere formation to obesity and metabolism as well as cell signaling in breast cancer. She joined the RFCC in March of 2017 and her main responsibility involves operating the FACSAria cell sorters. Email Viji.