Place Outcomes Research Award (no grant #)
PI: Williams Brinkman, MD, MEd
Collaborators: Jeffery Epstein; Maria Britto, Heidi Sucharew, Jessica Hartl, Lauren Rawe, Mike Zender, Marnie Meylor, Maren Carpenter-Fearing, Gaoyan Shi, Rachel Stuckey, Feifei Pang, Bing Han

The objective of this study is to improve the education materials (visual aids) that are available to families and to test how these education materials change the way parents, children, and their doctors make decisions about treatment for ADHD.  Despite strong evidence from adult medical settings that educational materials that foster shared decision making improve patient knowledge, expectations, and involvement in decision making, little is known about their use in pediatrics.  Materials will be developed in collaboration with designers at the University of Cincinnati College of Design.  We will video record the encounters involving the development of the initial treatment plan for children newly diagnosed with ADHD.  10 general pediatricians in community-based practices will enroll 3 children before and after implementing the prototype educational materials to three specific aims:

    • Aim 1: Describe baseline parent-child-physician interactions developing ADHD treatment plan.
    • Aim 2: Implement and optimize the materials through iterative cycles of use and refinement.
    • Aim 3: Estimate the effect of the intervention.

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