Information for Teens, Young Adults, and Parents

Researchers interested in adolescents can only do their research if teenagers and young adults are interested in participating in their studies. All studies at Cincinnati Children’s go through a careful review from a committee called the Institutional Review Board (IRB), part of the Office of Research Compliance and Regulatory Affairs (ORCRA). This committee makes sure each study is safe for children, adolescents, and young adults to join. For most studies, parent permission is required before an adolescent under 18 years-old can participate.

For a list of current research studies and more information on participating, visit the Clinical Trials Office.

Information for Researchers

The Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine is interested in collaborating with other scientists who are conducting research related to issues of adolescent health and development or studies that plan to include an adolescent and/or young adult population. If you are considering recruiting research participants from the Teen Health Center or any other Adolescent and Transition Medicine clinic, please contact us during the planning stages of writing your grant proposal. Our team can provide advice about your planned recruitment strategy and will help you to identify a collaborator within the Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine. We have many requests to recruit from our patient population and have designed research procedures that allows us to work within the confines of our current clinic structure and still maintain optimum care of our patients.