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Decision Support Analytics Workgroup

The Decision Support Analytics Workgroup

The Decision Support Analytics Workgroup (DSAW) is a collaborative effort at Cincinnati Children's Hospital to bring together like-minded clinical informaticists and researchers with an interest in improving pediatric-specific clinical decision support (CDS).

Our goal is ensure that the CDS we design and implement is optimally effective, efficient, and helpful to users. Weekly DSAW meetings and other activities provide a forum for discussion, sharing successes, and networking amongst our members and visitors. We are primarily focused on pediatric CDS, but many of our approaches and technologies have impact in other care environments as well. Our members include representatives from Operational IT, IT Research, Pharmacy, Clinicians, Analysts, and Student Learners.

Research Interests

volumes and outcomes.
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Meet the Team

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DSAW is comprised of members from a wide variety of fields working toward a common goal.


We are always looking to collaborate! Contact us for more information about DSAW or how to participate.


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