Meller Lab
Current Projects

Current Projects

GWAS Studies: Searching for Disease Markers in JIA and Other Chronic Autoimmune Arthropathies of Childhood

This project is a collaboration with David Glass, MD, Susan Thompson, PhD, et al. to enhance prediction of HLA alleles from SNP data as an intermediate molecular phenotype.

Identification of Potential Targets for Therapeutics: Markers of Distinct Subtypes of Kidney Cancer

This project is a collaboration with Maria Czyzyk-Krzeska, MD, PhD, et al. to identify proteins whose expression patterns correlate with VHL status and effectively stratify RCC.

Virtual Screening and Drug Design: Searching for Small Molecules Targeting Proteins of Interest

These collaborations involve Yi Zheng, PhD, et al. (targeting small GTPases and their interactions in leukemia) and Jason Jiang, PhD, et al. (targeting Norwalk virus).


Computational pipeline for large scale simulations, e.g., using the the ZINC library of compounds, using Autodoct (Olson et al.), Slide (Kuhn et al.), and multiple cheminformatic and analysis tools (including our own Polyview-MM, Porollo and Meller, Nucl. Acid Res. 2010).
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