Current Projects

Mom and child.
Our research primarily focuses on improving the impact of home visiting programs. Specifically, we have developed and evaluated the efficacy of different approaches to maternal depression and father engagement and co-parenting. Our research is guided by a translational model in which theoretically driven, programmatic efforts yield tools, techniques and strategies that service providers can put to use in real-world settings.

Identification and Treatment of Maternal Depression

Research suggests that mothers in home visiting programs are at great risk for depression and trauma. Our research explores the efficacy of treatment options for this vulnerable and underserved population. Learn more about maternal depression in home visiting.

Co-parenting and Father Engagement in Home Visiting

A major challenge for home visiting programs is engaging father in the service. We are examining the efficacy of an enhancement in which mothers and fathers in an evidence-based co-parenting intervention provided alongside home visiting. Learn more about co-parenting and father engagement in home visiting.

Investigating Program Adherence and Retention

A major challenge for home visiting is client retention over the course of service. Our research investigates why families stay and leave home visiting programs and explores motivational interviewing to improve program adherence and retention. Visit Program Adherence and Retention.