Publications from the Zorn Lab

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Current Grants

Deciphering the gene regulatory network controlling vertebrate endodermal fates. Co-Principal Investigator National Institutes of Health #R01 HD73179. July 2013-June 2017.

Role of Osr transcription factors in lung specification. Principal Investigator. National Institutes of Health #R01 HL114898. July 2012- June 2017.

Xenbase a Xenopus Model Organism Database. Co-Principal Investigator. National Institutes of Health #P41 HD64556. June 2010-June 2015.

Production, Validation and Distribution of the Xenopus ORFeome. Co-Investigator. National Institutes of Health #R01 HD069352A. July 2011- June 2016.

Collaborative Research: Ontology-enabled Reasoning Across Phenotypes From Evolution and Model Organisms. Co-Investigator. National Science Foundation Collaborative Research. July 2011- June 2015.

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