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General and Community Pediatrics

Improving Care Through Research

Research in the Division of General and Community Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is far more than a just basic science. We are caring, committed clinician-scientists who are dedicated to improving child health through excellence and leadership in pediatric medicine. And research plays a major role in that mission.

Our well-funded research focuses on a diverse array of topics. We study development of bone density in children. We investigate the effect environmental factors such as lead and air pollutants have on child health, and translate that research into work on asthma management. And we explore new techniques and best practices for improving parent-physician communication, breastfeeding consultation and other vital communication practices in the pediatric healthcare environment. We also house the Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group (CPRG) which provides an infrastructure to catalyze community-academic partnerships.

The core tie among these areas of research is application: we are clinician-scientists, firmly committed to the belief that we’re obligated to apply our research findings where they can best improve the outcomes for our patients.

Statistics at a Glance

Research and Training

  • Faculty: 27
  • Joint Appointment Faculty: 2
  • Research Fellows and Post Docs: 1

Clinical Activities and Training

  • Staff Physicians: 17
  • Clinical Fellows: 4
  • Outpatient Encounters: 70,309