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The Power of Healthier Together Learning Health Networks

The James M Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence helps to build and support sustainable collaborative Learning Health Networks that measurably improve health outcomes. Learning Health Networks are based on the vision of the Institute of Medicine Learning Health System in which patients, families, clinicians and scientists work together and use data for clinical care, improvement and research. The American Board of Pediatrics considers Learning Health Networks the best way to achieve population outcomes at scale.

Healthier Together Learning Health Networks are multisite, practice-based clinical networks that use data for research and improvement. They are particularly important in pediatrics because of the limitations posed by having small numbers of patients at any one site. They involve collaborations among engaged patients and families, multidisciplinary teams of clinicians and staff, scientists and communities. Learning Health Networks span a broad reach of conditions, settings and geographic locations and drive the spread of evidence and innovation.

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Distinguished Characteristics of Healthier Together Learning Health Networks

  • Shared vision – unrelenting focus on unprecedented, equitable outcomes
  • Co-production and actor-oriented – everybody can contribute expertise
  • Transparent data sharing drives learning, research, innovation, planning and priority setting
  • Widespread capacity to change systems by applying continuous improvement methods
  • A reservoir of resources, information, knowledge, and know-how to find "what I need, when I need it"
  • Culture of trust, contribution, shared learning, curiosity, respect
  • Governance, policies and incentives aligned with inherent motivation to improve outcomes

Learning Healthcare System Modules

The James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence and the Healthier Together learning health network community produced an introduction and a series of six learning healthcare system modules to guide organizations interested in developing a learning health network progress from design and development, through network implementation and yearly cycles of improvement toward ongoing network sustainability.