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This is the first report of a combination of non-invasive urinary biomarkers which can be useful to predict response to treatment of lupus nephritis in children and adults. Not only was the biomarker panel discovered, but also validated in this collaborative study involving nephrology and rheumatology.
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This is the first demonstration of subclinical kidney damage that occurs in an animal model of mild heart failure. The study identified novel mechanisms that lead to kidney injury in this common susceptible population of infants and children.
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This is the first demonstration of the use of a novel non-invasive biomarker to identify subclinical kidney damage due to NSAID drugs in children, which is very common in clinical practice.
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This is the first practical demonstration of the use of a novel urinary biomarker in real time for the early diagnosis, management, and prognosis of kidney injury in children.
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This is the first study to examine the role of FGF23 as a marker of left ventricular hypertrophy in children with chronic kidney disease.