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Vadivelu Research Lab

Our laboratory conducts translational studies to better understand the complexity of the neurovascular niche as it related to neural development and stroke. One emphasis is to evaluate neurovascular signaling in the development of the cerebral vasculature and its effects on neural cell injury, birth, and regeneration. As an example from bedside to bench, we are currently studying cerebrovascular patterning and cerebral reserve in transgenic Notch ligand signaling in mice while in parallel conducting multicenter evaluation of progressive stroke disease in patients with various developmental syndromes including Alagille syndrome. Our focus is the neurovascular relationship within the brain and spinal cord that predetermines particular patients as having a higher predilection towards cerebral stroke, while also discovering strategies towards not only recovery, but regeneration.

Concurrently we are studying the role of neurostimulation strategies as it relates to systemic inflammation and stroke.
To accomplish our goals we use models incorporating transgenic mice, small and large animal neuroimaging, and cadaveric studies specifically to understand white matter pathways and its relationship to human vascular development.

Goals of these translational studies are related to developing innovative therapeutics for cerebrovascular disorders in children.

Current Projects

Sudhakar Vadivelu, DO's headshot.

Sudhakar Vadivelu, DO

Associate Professor,
Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery

Lab location: S3
Phone: 513-803-4193

Our Lab Team

Members of the lab include:

  • Zhenqi Zhu
  • Rahul Rege